This page features videos created by The Alliance and the office of the PA Attorney General. Talking points are available on some videos in PDF and Word formats.

The Parents360 Rx

The Parents360 Rx the short (11-minute) video, which addresses the impact of medicine abuse on real families, to stimulate an informal discussion. The focus of this video is prescription medicine abuse, considered by many to be the biggest substance abuse threat we currently face and one that is unknown to many parents and underestimated by many others. While medicine abuse is the focus, the discussion may be guided to include other substance abuse topics as desired.

Youth360 (wreckED)

Youth360 (wreckED) is a community-based program designed to educate youth about substance abuse through an engaging presentation meant to challenge their behavior toward drugs and alcohol.  The program provides the opportunity for teens to fully reflect upon the choices and consequences associated with alcohol and drug abuse and to continually keep themselves and their friends in check.


The traumatic effects of drug use and overdose as seen through the eyes of mothers who suffered the loss of their children.  The “Listen” video was produced to mobilize parents and community members to address the real dangers and threats of drugs in our region.  It has been viewed by thousands.

This video is suitable for 5th grade through high school students and their parents.

Talking Points:PDF | Word