Tips for Youth Leaders

The following tips are meant to help youth leaders:

  • Does your church have a policy for youth Activities and events? Is your policy limited to the youth members from your congregation or does it include outside guests?
  • How do your leaders respond to observed questionable behaviors? When contacting parents with concerns, remember to discuss observed behavioral symptoms only. Refrain from using any incriminating language or drawing conclusions that might be interpreted as accusatory.
  • Consider having all youth that attend church sponsored events fill out an emergency card with parent contact information.
  • Reinforce the importance for youth to talk to a responsible adult when they have a concern for their safety or the safety of others.
  • Does your organization have a policy regarding youth leaders corresponding with young adults under the age of 18 via phone or internet contact?
  • Do you have a program for parents and their children to discuss significant safety concerns that impact the church community? Does your head pastor reinforce the importance for all parents and their children to attend this program?