Tips for Parents

The following list of tips for parents can help minimize the risk of drug involvement.

  • Make sure your child understands your position on drug and alcohol use: the more often you express your strong disapproval for the use of substances, the greater probability your child will remain alcohol and drug free.
  • Know your children: if you don’t then you won’t know if they change
  • Know you children’s friends and their parents.
  • Contact the parents of your child’s friend when a party is planned to assure there will be adult supervision.
  • Have your child call you from a land line to assure they are where they say they are.
  • If your child has a face book account: get one too and make sure your child approves you as their “friend”.  As your child’s face book friend, you can read messages sent to and from your child.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet and remove and safe guard ALL medications including over the counter cough and cold medications, Tylenol and Advil products. Narcotic prescriptions must be counted and locked away.  Medications that are no longer needed should be disposed of.
  • Re-consider allowing your child to attend “sleepovers”.
  • Become an “investigator”:
    • Read your child’s cellular phone on a regular basis.  What texts do they send and receive?
    • Look at their notebooks and “doodles”.  Questions or concerns with what you read? Ask about them.
    • Their bedroom is your property therefore your right to check on a regular basis.
    • Keep a count of your liquor and beer
  • Trust your “gut”.  If something seems wrong, you probably are right.  Seek help sooner than later.