Keeping Kids Safe & Drug-free

Raising children in today’s world has become increasingly more challenging. Local statistics show that the use of illegal substances are on the rise. More alarming is that local treatment facilities are working with children as young as 10 years of age.

The overdose death statistics in western Pennsylvania are among the highest across the nation. Although statistics indicate that the majority of overdose cases are adults, the onset of their use in most cases began as teens. As caretakers and care givers of our children, we have the responsibility to understand the youth culture and it’s impact on them.

We need to trust our gut when something dosn’t seem right and reach out for help as soon as possible. Why? Because the drugs our children are exposed to are much more addictive, much more powerful, much more pure and much more deadly than anything we have ever seen.

The Alliance is hopeful that the following articles will raise your awareness about the safety concerns impacting our youth. If you have not begun dialog with your child about drug use, now is the time to get that conversation started!

Physical and Behavioral Signs and Symptoms of Potential Drug Use

This list gives a description of potential signs and symptoms of drug use.

Talk to Your Child About Prescription Drugs

This document from The Medical Abuse Project describes ways to effectively talk to your child.

Tips for Parents, Teachers, Youth Leaders

Important Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents Regarding Drug Use

These questions were asked by parents who have attended an Alliance program over the past year. The responses are from our local treatment specialists.

Rising Marijuana use Reflects Changing Perceptions and Attitudes

Illicit drug use among teenagers remains high, largely due to increasing popularity of Marijuana.